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Census of London in 1631.


It may be further observed, that the time of the Plagues continuance at the height was of several durations, for Anno 1592 it continued from the first week in July to the second of September, without increasing or decreasing above 100 in 1600; whereas in 1603 it remain'd but three weeks at the state, decreasing near 14 the next week after the height; Anno 1625 it remain'd not three weeks at a stay, increasing 116 part the next week before the height, and decreasing as much the next week after. Anno 1636 it stood five weeks without increasing or decreasing above 116 part afore-mentioned.

Concerning the disease of the Plague, Anno 1592 it increased to 116 of the greatest number that died in twenty weeks; Anno 1603, it did the same in eleven; Anno 1625, in nine weeks; Anno 1636, as it was not so fierce as in the other years, so it was of longer continuance, as hath been else-where noted[1].|113|

The last thing I shall observe is, that in all the four great years of mortality above-mentioned, I do not find that any week the Plague increased to the double of the precedent week above five times.

Anno 1631.Ann. 7.CaroliI.

THE number of Men, Women, and Children, in the several Wards of London, and Liberties: taken in August 1631, by special command from the Right Honourable the Lords of His Majesties Privy Council[2].

Algate Ward 04763
Bishopsgate 07788
Bassishaw 01006
Breadstreet 02568
Bridg-ward within 02392
Bridg-ward without 18660
Billingsgate 02597
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