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Num. 9.



Munday, Feb. 12. 1665/6.

The Contents.

An Apendix to the Directions for Seaman, bound for far voyages.Of the judgment of some of the English Astronomers, touching the difference between two learned men, about an Observation made of the first of the two late Comets. Of a Correspondency, to be procured, for the finding out of the True distance of the Sun and Moon from the Earth.Of an Observation not long since made in England of Saturn.An Account of some Mercurial Observations, made with a Barometer, and their Results.Some Observations of Vipers, made by an Italian Philosopher.

An Appendix to the Directions for Seamen bound for far Voyages.

WHereas it may be of good use, both Naval and Philosophical, to know, both how to sound depths of the sea without a Line, and to fetch up water from any depth of the same; the following waies have been contrived by Mr. Hook to perform both; (which should have been added to the lately printed Directions for Seamen, if then it could have been conveniently done.)