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Numb. 2.



Munday, April 3. 1665.

The Contents.

Extract of a Letter written from Rome, concerning the late Comet, and a New one.Extract of another Letter from Paris, containing some Reflections on the precedent Roman Letter.An Observation concerning some particulars, further considerable in the Monster, that was Mention'd in the first Papers of these Philosophical Transactions.Extract of a Letter written from Venice, concerning the Mines of Mercury in Friuly.Some Observations, made in the ordering of Silk-worms.An Account of Mr. Hooks Micrographia, or the Physiological descriptions of Minute Bodies, made by Magnifying Glasses.

Extract of a Letter, lately written from Rome, touching the late Comet, and a New one.

I Cannot enough wonder at the strange agreement of the thoughts of that acute French Gentleman, Monsieur Auzout, in the Hypothesis of the Comets motion, with mine; and particularly, at that of the Tables. I have with the same method, whereby I find the motion of this Comet, easily found the Principle of that Author's Ephemerides, which he then thought not fit to declare; and 'tis this, that this Comet moves about the Great Dog, in so great a Circle, that that portion, which is desc-