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Numb. 22.



Monday, February 11. 1666.

The Contents.

Trials proposed to be made for the Improvement of the Experiment of Transfusing Blood out of one live Animal into another.A Method for Observing the Eclipses of the Moon, free from the Common Inconveniences.An Account of some Celestial Observations lately made at Madrid.Extract of a Letter, lately written to the publisher, containing some Observations about Insects and their Inoxiousness, &c.An Account of some books, vid.I. TOME TROISIEME DES LETTRES DE M. DESCARTES.II. ASTRONOMIA REFORMATA P. RICCIOLI.III. ANATOME MEDULLÆ SPINALIS ET NERVORUM, inde provenientium, GERARDI BLASII, M. D.An Advertisement about the re-printing of M. Evelyns Sylva and Pomona.A Table of the Transactions, printed these two years.

Tryals proposed by Mr. Boyle to Dr. Lower, to be made by him, for the improvement of Transfusing Blood out of one live Animal into another; promised Num. 20. p. 357.

THe following Quæries and Tryals were written long since, and read about a Moneth ago in the R. Society, and do now come forth against the Authors in ntion, at the earnest desire of some Learned Persons, and particularly of the worthy Doctor, to whom they were addressed; who thinks, they may excite and assist others in a matter, which, to be well prosecuted, will require many hands, At the reading of them, the Author declared, that of divers of them he thought he could fore-fee the Events, but

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