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are any certain power of numbers increaſing in arithmetical proportion. But it is needleſs particularly to inſiſt upon theſe, becauſe one inſtance is ſufficient to ſhew that thoſe methods are not to be depended upon, from which a concluſion follows that is not exact.

XLIV. An Account of the InfeSl called the Vegetable Fly : by William Watfon F. R. S. To the Royal Society. Gentlemen, Read Nov. 24, / ■ ^HE beginning of laft month, I re- >7 6 3- ceived a letter from our learned and ingenious mem ber Dr. Huxham of Plymouth in which among other things he informed me, that he lately had, by permiflionof commiffioner Rogers, obtained a fight of what is called the vegetable fly, with the following defcription of it ; both which he had from Mr. New- man, an officer of general Duroure’s regiment, who came from the ifiand Dominica. As this delcription feemed to the dodtor exceedingly curious, he has fent it me, exa&ly tranfcribed from Mr. Newman’s ac- count, and is as follows. “ The vegetable fly is found in the ifland Dominica, “ and (excepting that it has no wings) refembles the “ drone both in fize and colour more than any other tc Englilh infedt. In the month of May it buries itfelf “ in