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I. The Croonian Lecture on muscular Motion. By Anthony Carlisle, Esq. F.R.S.


Read November 8, 1804.


Animal physiology has derived several illustrations and additions, from the institution of this Lecture on muscular Motion; and the details of anatomical knowledge have been considerably augmented by descriptions of muscular parts before unknown.

Still, however, many of the phenomena of muscles remain unexplained, nor is it to be expected that any sudden insulated discovery shall solve such a variety of complicated appearances.

Muscular motion is the first sensible operation of animal life: the various combinations of it sustain and carry on the multiplied functions of the largest animals: the temporary cessation of this motive faculty is the suspension of the living powers, its total quiescence is death.

By the continuance of patient, well directed researches, it is reasonable to expect much important evidence on this subject;