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VI. An Investigation of all the Changes of the variable Star in Sobieski's Shield, from five Year's Observations, exhibiting its proportional illuminated Parts, and its Irregularities of Rotation; with Conjectures respecting unenlightened heavenly Bodies. By Edward Pigott, Esq. In a Letter to the Right Hon. Sir Joseph Banks, K.B. P.R.S.

Read February 7, 1805.


Bath, 1802.

The object of the first part of this Paper is a further in- vestigation of the periodical and other changes of brightness of one of the variable stars I discovered in 1795, that in Sobieski's shield, an account of which the Royal Society did me the honour of publishing in their Transactions. Those determinations being deduced from a few periods made near the time of discovery, must of course remain unsatisfactory, however exact the observations themselves may be, until con- firmed by an additiortal set, or by others made at a greater interval of time; for which purpose I occasionally continued keeping a journal of its changes for near five years, and am happy to find that they have answered my expectation, parti- cularly by giving us an insight into its irregularities, as will be shewn hereafter.


Variable Star in Sobieski's Shield.

R.A. 279° 91/2'
S. Declination 5° 56'
for the end of June, 1796

S 2