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Mr. Carlisle's Lecture
The temperature of the flowing blood was 103°
Spleen -- 103
Stomach -- 101
Colon -- 98
Bladder of urine 97
Atmosphere - 30.

Three pigs, killed by a blow on the head, and by the immediate division of the large arteries and veins, entering the middle of the basis of the heart, had the blood flowing from these vessels of 106, 1061/2, and 107°; the atmospheric temperature being at 31°.

An ox, killed in a similar manner, the blood 103°; atmosphere 50°.

Three sheep, killed by dividing the carotid arteries, and internal jugular veins: their blood 105, 105, 1051/2°; atmosphere 41°.

Three frogs, kept for many days in an equable atmosphere at 54°; their stomachs 62°.

The watery fluid issuing from a person tapped for dropsy of the belly 101°: the atmosphere being 43°, and the temperature of the superficies of the body at 96°.

These temperatures are considerably higher than the common estimation.

A man's arm being introduced within a glass cylinder, it was duly closed at the end which embraced the head of the humerus; the vessel being inverted, water at 97° was poured in, so as to fill it. A ground brass plate closed the lower aperture, and a barometer tube communicated with the water at the bottom of the cylinder. This apparatus including the arm, was again inverted, so that the barometer tube became a