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of ascertaining the Magnitude of small celestial Bodies.

the little notch in the pin's head between the coils of the wire making the head, appeared like a narrow black belt surrounding the pin in the manner of the belts of Jupiter. This notch by the microscopic projection measured ,00475 inch; and subtended an angle, at the centre of the mirror, of 0",407

With 303,5 I saw the belt still better, and could follow it easily in its contour.

With 432,0 I could see down into the notch, and saw it well defined within.

With 522,3 the pin's head was a very striking globular object, whose diameter might easily be divided by estimation into ten parts, each of which would be equal to 0",364.

With 925,6 I saw all the same phenomena still plainer.

The result of this experiment is, that an object having a diameter ,0425 may be easily seen in my telescope to be a round body, when the magnified angle under which it appears is 2' 18",9, and that with a high power a part of it, subtending an angle of 0",364 may be conveniently perceived.

When I considered the purpose of this experiment, I found the result not sufficient to answer my intention; for as the size of the object I viewed obliged me to use a low power, a doubt arose whether the instrument would be equally distinct when a higher should be required. To resolve this question, it was necessary either to remove my objects to a greater distance or to make them smaller.


2d Experiment, with small Globules of Sealing-wax.

I melted some sealing-wax thinly spread on a broad knife, and dipt the point of a fine needle, a little heated, into it, which took up a small globule. With some practice I soon acquired