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Mr. Home's Account of a small Lobe, &c

less degree of the disease, although that portion of the gland, which forms the most important part of the complaint is wholly out of their reach.

The least projection of this lobe into the bladder stretches the internal membrane of that viscus which passes over it, keeps it in a state, of irritation, and makes it liable to be grasped by the action of the sphincter muscle in expelling the last drops of urine, so as to give the patient excruciating pain. When it is more enlarged these symptoms go off.

From these observations it appears, that this small lobe of the prostate gland, which has been overlooked, is from the situation and the circumstances, in which it is placed more liable to become diseased than any other part of the gland, and produces symptoms of danger and distress peculiar to itself, which have been hitherto supposed to arise from the body of the gland becoming enlarged.

To enter further into the effects of disease on this lobe would be improper on the present occasion ; but not to have noticed them at all would have been equally so, since the only importance, that can be attached to the facts, which have been brought forward in this Paper, arises from the light they throw on the diseases of the prostate gland.

Explanation of the Plate. (Plate III.)

A posterior view of the outside of the bladder and prostate gland.

The vesicular seminales and vasa deferentia are dissected off and turned forwards, to shew the newly discovered lobe, which lies between them and the bladder. The two posterior parts of the lateral portions are spread open to expose the lobe lying between them.