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Dr. Herschel on the Quantity

more exact estimations ought to be subtituted for them, the method I have pursued will equally stand good with such alterations. I have tried all the known, and many new ways of measuring the comparative light of the stars, and though I have not yet found one that will give a satisfactory result, it may still be possible to discover some method of mensuration preferable to the foregoing estimations, which are only the result of repeated and accurate comparisons by the eye. Whenever we are furnished with more authentic data the calculations may then be repeated with improved accuracy.


Effect of the Increase and Decrease of the Solar Motion, and Conditions to he observed in the Investigation of its Quantity.

The following Table, in which the 2d, 4th, and 5th columns contain the sides of the parallactic triangle, is calculated with a view to show that an increase or decrease of the solar motion will have a contrary effect upon the required real motions of different stars; and; as we are to regulate the solar velocity by these real motions, an attention to this circumstance will point out the stars which are to be selected for our purpose.