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Dr. Herschel on the Quantity

trary change from 0,53 to 0,86 and to 1",18. We may also notice that Capella and Aldebaran, which have a negative sign prefixed to their real motions when the solar motion is 1",0 are affected differently from Arctutus, Sirius, and Procyon, which have a positive sign; and that even the motions of the two last become negative when the solar motion is increased beyond a certain point. It may be easily understood that the motion of Areturus itself would become negative were we to increase the solar motion till the parallactic motion of this star should exceed its apparent motion.

From these considerations it appears, that a certain equalization, or approach to equality may be obtained between the motions of the stars, or between that of the sun and any one of them selected for the purpose; for instance, the motions of Arcturus and Aldebaran being contrary to each other, may be made perfectly equal by supposing the sun's annual motion to be 1″,85925. For then we shall have the real annual motion of Areturus towards the parallactic centre 1″,091, and that of Aldebaran towards the opposite part of the heavens, in which the solar apex is placed, will be 1″,091 likewise; the first in a direction 55° 29′ 39″ south-preceding, the latter 88° 16′ 31″ north-following their respective parallels; and a composition of these motions with the parallactic ones arising from the given solar motion, will produce the apparent motions of these stars which have been established by observation. But since Arcturus, by the hypothesis which has been adopted in Table VIII. is a nearer star than Aldebaran, the velocities of the real motions, describing these equal arches will be 1309109 in the former and 1527780 in the latter. And it is not the arches but these velocities that