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X. Observations upon the Marine Barometer, made during the Examination of the Coasts of New Holland and New South Wales, in the Years 1801, 1802, and 1803.By Matthew Flinders, Esq. Commander of his Majesty's Ship Investigator. In a Letter to the Right Hon. Sir Joseph Banks, Bart. K.B. P.R.S. &c. &c. &c.

Read March 27, 1806.


Isle of France, Aug. 19, 1805.

A fore-knowledge of the wind and weather is an object so very interesting to all classes of men, and the changes in the mercurial barometer affording the means which appear most conducive to it, a system that should with certainty explain the connection between the variations of the mercury and those in the atmosphere under all circumstances, becomes greatly desirable; to seamen, more especially, whose safety and success depend so much upon being duly prepared for changes of wind, and the approaching storm, it would be an