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reporter to take notes of those lectures, and I paid him, if I remember correctly, Rs. 150. It was from these notes that the lectures were first published in The Theosophist.

Everybody admired his great capacity and power of expression, not to speak of the depth of learning displayed by him in the course of these lectures. One gentleman, by name Bhashikachariar, who was a Sanskrit Pandit of great ability, and who, I think, presented a large number of books to the Adyar Library, was lost in admiration at the end of these lectures. I believe, on the last day, he went and embraced Subba Row in token of his admiration, and actually asked him how he managed to gather so much learning about such a difficult subject. After the appearance of the lectures in The Theosophist, it occurred to me that their publication in book form would be useful, and unless my memory fails, the first edition was published at my request by Tookaram Tatya of Bombay, an enthusiastic Theosophist, and I contributed towards the expenses of the publication. I remember forwarding copies of this reprint in book form to Professor Max Müller. But the Professor did not think it worth while to acknowledge even the receipt of the pamphlet. In all probability the fact that it came from a Theosophist was the reason of this.

I think the lectures, as they stand now, are as he actually spoke them on the four mornings. The