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O Heavens; to think it should come to this. I, David Morton, to be in love with, to have in my arms, to have sworn in my soul to win the daughter of the man who had ruined my father.

How I accomplished the rest of the mile I do not know. But at last I found myself at the gate of Mrs. Mavis's house.

The party had returned, and seeing us coming hastened to the gate. Missing her in the wood they had concluded she had gone back to the house.

But when they returned they were much alarmed by not finding her and were just on the point of setting out again for the woods.

However, our return of course put an end to their anxiety, as far as that was concerned.

I carried her in, properly bandaged her foot, and received the thanks of her hostess, and an invitation to stay to dinner, which I declined. I left, promising to call in the morning and see how the foot was progressing.

On returning home I found I had just time to dress for dinner; so I put off telling my mother until afterwards.

During the meal I tried to argue with and convince myself that I did not care for Edith.

But the more I thought about it, the more certain I was that I should never again care for a woman.