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I had never seen anything like this before, it fascinated me.

I could not take my eyes off the rapid movements of the reptiles.

I approached the man and asked him if the snakes still had their fangs.

He could not understand me at first, but after some little trouble, he comprehended; and showing his white teeth, nodded his head.

Here was something to while away many an hour.

Why not try and discover an antidote to the bite of this most deadly of all snakes?

I at once resolved to try and buy the snakes.

Pointing to them, and then to myself, I took out a handful of silver and offered it to him.

He shook his head, but, understanding what I wished to do, put both his hands together evidently wishing me to double the amount I had offered.

Having done so, I gave it to him, and signalled for him to lift up the basket—into which the snakes had glided when he had stopped the music—and follow me.

When we arrived at my home, I procured five large earthenware jars, into which I made him put the snakes, and covered the opening with some fine wire netting until I could get some proper cages made for my new pets.