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istering large or small doses, I could keep my subjects under the influence of the poison for a greater or lesser period.

In two or three cases, when I could not detect the slightest action of the heart, or respiration, and the limbs were perfectly cold, they recovered in from twelve to thirty hours if left alone.

And though they at first could not use their limbs much, in a few hours they regained control over them, and seemed no worse for the experience they had undergone.

The next step, and final one, was to find a man willing to be experimented on.

Though I offered a large sum, I could not get one to take the risk. So I determined to test it myself.


I carefully calculated the strength of the human powers of resisting poisons, and compared it to that possessed by animals, and found that from the curious nature of the antidote it might take longer to work its effect on a man than an animal.