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Seeing me on the floor, he screamed, and the other servant came in.

I could hear them talking. They carried me to my bedroom, placed me on a bed, and one of them went for a doctor.

He came, and pronounced me dead.

Whilst he was with me, my valet came into the room with the letter, showed it to him, and they discussed its contents.

The doctor, who, by-the-bye, was not my friend, remarked that I must have been mad, that it was a pity I had been so foolish, and left, promising to send an undertaker to measure me for my coffin.

The servants washed me, and laid me out; all this I knew without being able to feel it, or make the slightest movement; then, covering me up, they left me.

The undertaker came and measured me for my coffin.

I heard my valet giving my instructions to him respecting the make of it, and purchase of the vault.

He undertook to make the coffin as directed.

My valet went to my bureau. I could hear the chink of money as he removed it from the drawers.