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These, and a thousand other anxious speculations crowded my brain.

The tension was so great that I felt that something was on the point of snapping and that I should go mad.

Arising, I again commenced to pace the vault. I found it was about 30ft. wide by almost 20ft. in breadth; near the sides my head sometimes touched the roof; this led me to think that it had been formed out of a natural cavern.

It might be one of a succession of caverns, and divided from others by, perhaps, only a few inches of dirt or stone.

I picked up a large bone and commenced to tap the sides, as I walked round.

After making the circuit of the cave several times, I noticed, that at one corner, the wall had a hollow sound.

I struck it again.

Yes! there could be no doubt the sound was different from that given by other parts.

The hollowness extended for about three feet in each direction.

I felt reanimated, and set to work with the bone to try and pierce the wall.

The bone was too short, and I had to tear part of the earth, near the hole, away, to let me get my arm in.