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Presently he tried to got up and succeeded in standing on his legs for a moment; then fell back again in convulsions—froth and blood issuing from his mouth.

I at once knew there was no hope for him.

In a few minutes he expired.

Some of the smaller creatures—who I thought were females—set up a most awful wailing.

This considerably strengthened my opinion as to their sex, for females, as a rule, never neglect an opportunity of making as much noise as they can.

The other and larger creatures seemed to take the matter very coolly, as if they were used to it.

They lifted their dead comrade to the side of one of the black looking pools and laid him down.

Then they pulled a lot of white creepers that grew among the fungi, and tying some stones to his body, pushed him into the water.

Then, as if nothing unusual had happened, they returned to the spot where the bird had been killed, and proceeded to hunt about as if looking for something.

For some time they continued examining the ground, then one, coming quite close, saw me, and uttered a yell.