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My companions had evidently decided on a way to accomplish my passage.

About twelve of them jumped to the other side, then two of the largest lay down at right angles to the edge of the crevice side by side.

The others held on to one another in two long strings, the foremost ones holding the legs of those lying down. Those on the side where I was did likewise. The two on each side now stretched their long arms across the opening until they touched one another, then drawing themselves close together put their arms around each other's bodies.

Thus they formed a living bridge.

My bearers instantly lifted me up and carried me, trembling with fear, on to the backs of their companions.

In a few seconds I was safely landed on the other side.

They then let go in the centre and were safely pulled back to their respective sides.

Those on the opposite side now jumped across; and we again set out, I knew not where.

On this side of the fissure, I noticed there were no snakes, or fungi; and very few birds.

Presently we came to another fissure of larger size than the former one.

At an enormous distance down, I could hear the