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other amazing sight—a cave similar to the one we had left but of medium size, was before me.

But, unlike the other, this was perfectly light.

This was the light I had noticed shining at the end of the passage, and was caused by some hundreds of the same strange creatures as were with me.

The cave, like the floor of the passage, was covered with fine, white sand, and on it lay or played about amongst the rocks at the side, numbers of these wonderful monstrosities.

Amongst them I noticed several who looked even more human than the leader of the ones I was with.

On seeing us they at once left off their antics, and came towards us.

When they beheld me they gave vent to screams, whether of joy or anger I could not decide, and several at once rushed away.

Soon they returned.

In front of them walked one who looked quite human, except for its head, and that was as ugly as the heads of those with me.

As it came, the others all stepped aside, and made way for it to approach me.

By its height it was evidently a female, and by the deference shown her she was as evidently of importance.