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rushing through the crowd, who opened a passage for her. "Hold!" she cried, "Who told you to kill him? I want him—he must live." As she spoke she pushed aside the two who had hold of me and placed her hand on my arm.

The leader stepped up to her and said, "He has killed one of the sacred birds, the penalty is death."

The crowd greeted his words with yells of applause.

The white female never moved, but when they had stopped, replied,

"The penalty for one of us is death, but he is not one of us, therefore I say he shall live."

The terrible creatures remained silent; she continued—

"I am your Queen, and you chose me for being most like our mother."

"Here is one who is more like her than I am."

"Yet, you would kill him? You shall not; I will take him; he shall be mine, and our young shall rule over you, and each generation shall be more beautiful than the one before." These, as near as I can remember them, were the words uttered by this strange creature.

For a moment after she ceased, they were silent, then they burst into applause.

She took me by the hand and led me through