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bluish-white hair, and hideous face working in agony, showed minutely in the bright light, assisted by the glow of his own body.

We left him standing there, and returned to the small cave.

After we had been there a few moments, the white female went outside.

Immediately, I untied my pocket, took out the snake, and put it in the bed of hair she usually slept upon.

Then, going to the one I used, I threw myself down and pretended to be asleep.

Presently she entered, followed by the two creatures who attended me.

Seeing me lying down, she signalled for them to leave the cave; then came to where I was, knelt down at my side, and put her face close to mine.

I shuddered inwardly, but still pretended I was asleep.

After waiting a little while she evidently thought I was unconscious, and not wishing to awake me, arose from her knees, and to my great relief walked to the pile of hair I had put the snake in.

By the light her body emitted I could see plainly.

If the snake had not left before she came, in a few minutes it would bite her and she would die.

Now the time had come, I fell a little com-