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The cave was now perfectly dark, the light from the body of the white female having gradually faded when she died.

It was too late now to think of the consequences of my act. I felt that directly any of the creatures came to the cave and saw that her body no longer emitted light, they would know she was dead.

One of my attendants appeared at the opening.

As I expected, all being dark, he entered, and saw the body. He ran to it, knelt down, touched it, and then uttered a frightful yell.

The other attendant rushed in, and on learning what was the matter, gave vent to a succession of the most horrible blood-curdling shrieks I have ever heard.

Soon the cave was filled with others, who, on hearing she was dead, joined then, in giving utterance to their grief.

The scene was weird and grotesque.

These creatures, in the abandonment of their grief, resembled so many devils. Hundreds and hundreds crowded the cave and opening. They