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the earth, and the roar of the fiery steaming mass as it rushed amongst the rocks, were sounds never to be forgotten.

A large piece of the wall on the opposite side fell with a great crash, bearing hundreds of creatures with it. The expression of their faces as they touched the lava was most frightful.

The stream was rising rapidly, and at the present rate would be up to my ledge in an hour. In less than that time I knew the heat would suffocate me. So I left my position, and climbed along the wall to the cave where the body of the white female lay.

The lava had already entered the opening and was gradually covering the floor.

In a few seconds it consumed the hair, and, reaching the body, soon covered it—filling the cave with an odour of burnt flesh.

The servant followed me wherever I went; when he saw the body of his mistress burning, his grief burst forth anew.

I gained a place about twenty feet from the ground, and resigned myself to my fate.

By the light from the lava, and the body of my attendant, I was able to see distinctly.

Looking about me, I perceived a hole in the wall a few feet above.

I determined to try and reach it.