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heaven playing on my face, and the rippling sea stretched out before my dazzled eyes.

With what little remaining strength was left me, I crawled through the hole, which was about four feet in diameter.

Hardly had I done so than the earth shook, then swayed to and fro—small stones and dust, accompanied with a crashing noise like thunder, seemed to be forced through the opening.

The passage had collapsed. I staggered to my feet—tried to walk—everything turned round and round; the earth seemed to rise up; I fell, and remember no more.


The next thing I was conscious of was a feeling of drowsy contentment.

Opening my eyes I saw I was in bed in a small room. The sound that had awakened me came from the next room, and was caused by several voices. From the conversation, I gathered they were telling someone about finding a man on the side of Monte Epomeo, and how, seeing he was not dead, they had brought him home.