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Nevertheless, the writer by reason of this selection finds himself very much in such position. In 1904, while studying Beowulf and ‘the well of English undefiled,’ it occurred to him for the first time to translate from his mother tongue into English. He then selected this one-act drama, because of its brevity. And while the merits recommend it highly for publication, the writer felt some hesitancy in introducing Bohemia’s grand old man through one of his minor efforts.

Vrchlicky’s prosody is not extensive, but it differs from his poetry. He himself intended it to differ.

‘In my lyrical works I meant to express myself, my own soul, in my prose I speak as “The man of Nineteenth Century” observing the evolution of the people and trying to interpret its efforts. And so it is that my prose and my poetry are so different, my filisofy is “dualistic”; through my entire activity—for my own self I am a pessimist, for humanity an optimist.’