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Let the tapers flame and glitter!
Let the shrines be decorated!
Heart, O heart, revive and pulsate!
I am he whom you awaited;
Love me!' See, in crowds arriving,
Weary and devoutly zealous,
Come the ghosts, the troubled spirits,
From their sepulchers arising:
Hopes, ambitions, dreams and longings,
The most noble and the richest,
The most beautiful, the grandest
Fancies—these are the princesses—
And the dreams, the youthful pages.
Fair church! to the incantation
Of my wishes, rise from ruin!
Lo, my happiness invokes thee!
Soon will day dawn—late the hour is—
And my love, the wonder-worker,
Knocks and calls, and no one answers,
And he bends the knee, entreating—
And the marvel does not follow!