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And while I stroll'd alone outside I started at the sound
Of whispering voices near me—I turn'd and gazed around;
Yes, there they were, that happy pair, their steps they slowly traced.
Her arm was on his shoulder, and his was round her waist;

And, wandering by thus lovingly, their words fell on my ear,—
For he had slightly raised his voice, not thinking I was near,
And the very moon look'd clearer, and brighter shone each star,—
As the little man imploringly said—"Betsy, bolo hah!"

I turn'd and quickly left the spot, I did not like to stay,
To be, as I must else have been, in those two lovers' way;
(To spoil such sport has ever been from my intention far)
And as I walk'd away I heard her gently murmur "Hah."