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Toru Dutt's genius, lies wholly outwith the scheme of this book. All the best of this poetry that belongs to the period of John Company I have already reproduced in The Bengali Book of English Verse published by Messrs. Longman.

In dealing with the periodical literature of the first half of last century, Mr. S. C. Sanial, the Secretary of the Calcutta Historical Society, has freely put his wide and accurate knowledge at my disposal. Mr. J. A. Chapman of the Imperial Library has given much assistance in looking out forgotten volumes, and has helped with references to the catalogues of libraries outside of Calcutta. Mr. W. I. Keir has generously provided the anthology with its artistic cover; and Mr. C. F. Hooper has taken the responsibility of publishing a book that, from a commercial point of view, may not be considered much of a venture. To his enthusiasm for the literature produced in India by our countrymen, the "Poets of John Company" are indebted for their present resurrection.

T. O. D. D.

United Service Club,
Calcutta, November, 1921.