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The Adventures of Qui Hai.

Next morning's sun had just arisen,
And drove the dusky clouds from heaven.
Ere Qui Hai, on his Arab horse.
Set off to find Byculla course;
Where, 'twas determin'd, ev'ry man
Should meet before the hunt began.
Their breakfast now the sportsmen take.
Merely a "plug of malt," and steak,
The bugle's signal now, of course,
Summon'd the bobbery to horse:
They get the word, and off they move,
In all directions, to Love-Grove.
A jackass, buff'lo, or tattoo.
The sportsmen anxiously pursue.
Old women join the beasts in running:
"The jungle wallas now are coming!"
A loud "view-hollo" now is given:
"A dog, a Paria, by heaven!
"Surround him—there he goes—a-head:
"Put all your horses to their speed."
He's lost—the knave has taken cover!
Old L—n now perceives another.
"Hark! forward, sportsmen—'tis the same:
"The rascal he shews famous game.
"See how the fellow scours along,
"In a direction to Ghirghon:
"Dash after him; he turns again;
"We'll find him on Byculla plain.
"Oh luckless! we have lost all hope—
"He's taken cover in a tope."
Thus spoke the huntsman, and he swore
He'd find him, or he'd hunt no more.