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Lines Addressed to Mrs. Heber.

If thou wert by my side, my love,
How fast would evening fail
In green Bengala's palmy grove
Listening the nightingale!

If thou, my love, wert by my side.
My babies at my knee.
How gaily would our pinnace glide
O'er Gunga's mimic sea!

I miss thee at the dawning gray,
When, on our deck reclined,
In careless ease my limbs I lay
And woo the cooler wind.

I miss thee when by Gunga's stream
My twilight steps I guide.
But most beneath the lamp's pale beam
I miss thee from my side.

I spread my books, my pencil try
The lingering noon to cheer.
But miss thy kind approving eye,
Thy meek attentive ear.

But when of morn and eve the star
Beholds me on my knee,
I feel, though thou art distant far,
Thy prayers ascend for me.