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I N D E X.

Abnormal Fruits 761
Aboriginal Settlements of the Pacific Coast. (Illustrated.) 353
Accoutrement of a Field-Geologist. (Illustrated.) 708
Age of Trees, and their Period of Leafing 121
Air, Compressed, Effects of, on Animals 120
Air and Clothing 654
Alabama, Coal and Iron in 637
Albertite 634
Alcohol, Estimation of 765
"its Effects on Brain-Substance 17
America, Science in 313
"Astronomy in 75
American Astronomical Achievement 446
"Forestry, Association 251
"Geographical Society 508
"Zoologists, what they have done for Evolution 1
"Zoologists, what they have done for Evolution 181
Animals and Steam-Engines 632
"Journeyings and Dispersal of 576
Annihilation of the Mind 715
Antarctic Icebergs 631
Ants, Foray of an Army of 117
Aquarium, The New York 234
Arctic Expedition, The British 379
Arctic Expedition, The British 511
"Regions, Winter-Quarters in 766
Arnott, Dr., Sketch of. (Portrait.) 100
As regards Bishop Coxe 107
Astronomy in America 75
Atmosphere, Combat with an Infective 641
Audubon's Lily rediscovered 675

Baer, K. E. von 638
Bain, Alexander 638
""Education 418
""Education 513
""Education 620
Ball-Paradox. (Illustrated.) 725
""Explanation of 761
Bartlett's Ozone Generator 114
Bastian, H. C, The Invertebrate Brain. (Illustrated.) 27
Bat-Guano 122
Beard, G. M., Mind-Reading 459