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there are inequalities having reference to planetary configurations. He also shows that there is a great likeness between meteorological and magnetical phenomena, and suggests that a further study of sunspots may ultimately enable us to predict longer and longer meteorological occurrences.

Papers on the Heating of a Disk by Rapid Rotation in Vacuo.—1. On the Heating of a Disk by Rotation in Vacuo—in conjunction with Prof. Tait (Proceedings of Royal Society, London, 1865). 2. On the same subject—in conjunction with Prof. Tait (Proceedings of Royal Society, London, 1866). 3. On the same subject—in conjunction with Prof. Tait (Proceedings of Royal Society, London, 1873). 4. (A Possible Explanation of its Effect?) On the Temperature Equilibrium of an Inclosure containing a Body in Visible Motion (Literary and Philosophical Society, Manchester, November, 1870). Dr. Stewart endeavors to explain the heating of a disk of rotation in vacuo by an extension of the theory of exchanges.

Papers on Solar Physics by Messrs. Warren De la Rue, B. Stewart, and B. Loewy (Preliminary Researches—printed for private circulation by Mr. De la Rue). First Series: On the Nature of Sun-spots (1865). Second Series: Area Measurements of Carrington Observatory, and Deductions therefrom (1866). Third Series: On the Distribution of Spots in Heliographic Latitude.

Kew Researches.—1. Heliographic Positions and Areas of Sunspots observed with the Photoheliograph during the Years 1862 and 1863 (Transactions of Royal Society, London, 1869). 2. Positions and Areas of Sun-spots observed at Kew during the Three Years 1864-'66, as well as Fortnightly Values of Spotted Solar Area from 1832 to 1868 (Transactions of Royal Society, London, 1870). 3. On Some Recent Researches in Solar Physics, and a Law regulating the Time of Duration of the Sun-spot Period (Proceedings of Royal Society, London, 1871). 4. Further Investigations on Planetary Influence upon Solar Activity (Proceedings of Royal Society, London, 1872). 5. On a Tendency observed in Sun-spots to change alternately from the one Solar Hemisphere to the other (Proceedings of Royal Society, London, 1873).

Besides various miscellaneous papers, not mentioned here. Dr. Stewart is the author of the following works:

An Elementary Treatise on Heat; Lessons in Elementary Physics; Conservation of Energy ("International Scientific Series"); and The Unseen Universe (in conjunction with Prof. Tait).