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Shade-Trees, Indigenous Shrubs, and Vines, by T. Stewart, M. D., and Insects that Infest Them, by Miss Emma A. Smith, Entomologist. Peoria, III.: Transcript Company. 1877.

This pamphlet was prepared for the region about Peoria, III., but contains much that will be of value elsewhere. It gives a brief account of the indigenous trees and shrubs best adapted to the locality, and the paper by Miss Smith treats of the insects which infest them, of which figures are given. Publications like this do excellent service in directing public attention to the cultivation of trees and the planting of forests.

Science-Lectures at South Kensington. London and New York: Macmillan.

Under the above general title Macmillan & Co. have published a series of small volumes containing lectures delivered at the South Kensington Museum during the loan collection of scientific apparatus last year. One of the volumes contains two lectures by Prof. Roscoe on "Technical Chemistry," the first treating of the manufacture of sulphuric acid, and the second of the alkali manufacture. In another volume are two lectures by Prof. Stokes, on "Absorption of Light and the Colors of Natural Bodies," and on "Fluorescence." The third volume of the series contains two lectures on the "Steam-Engine," by F. J. Bramwell. Finally, there is a volume entitled "Outlines of Field Geology," by Prof. Geikie. These lectures are all addressed to science-teachers, and not to popular audiences; hence they are rather technical, and possess an interest for the practical student of science rather than for the general reader. The prices are: for the first two volumes, 20 cents each; for the other two, 25 cents.

J. W. Bouton announces "Isis Unveiled: A Master-Key to the Mysteries of Ancient and Modern Science and Theology," by H. P. Blavatsky, Corresponding Secretary of the Theosophical Society. This work is announced as a philosophical study of Orientalism, by a native of Asia, whose life has been passed in the study of traditions, languages, literature, mythology, philosophy, and mysticism, of Eastern peoples, and who considers Oriental thought and history with reference to modern ideas. The work is to be issued in two large octavo volumes.


Narrative of the Polaris Expedition. By Rear-Admiral C. H. Davis. Washington: Government Printing-Office. Pp. 696. With numerous Plates.

Hand-book of Descriptive Astronomy. By George F. Chambers. London and New York: Macmillan. Third edition. Pp. 960. Price, $10.

History of Protection in the United States. By W. G. Sumner. New York: Putnams. Pp. 64. Price, 50 cents.

Lists of Elevations West of the Mississippi. By H. Gannett. Washington: Government Printing-office. Fourth edition. Pp. 164.

The Tailed Amphibians. By W. H. Smith. Detroit: Herald print. Pp. 158.

Eighth Annual Report of the Massachusetts Board of Health. Boston: Wright print. Pp. 523.

Bulletin of the Geological and Geographical Survey of the Territories. Vol. III., No. 3. Washington: Government Printing-Office. Pp. 200.

Relations of the Public School to the Negro. By Civis. Richmond: Clemmitt & Jones print. Pp. 39.

Scientific Basis of Delusions. By Dr. G. M. Beard. New York: Putnams. Pp. 47. Price, 50 cents.

Pennsylvania College Monthly. Gettysburg: Wible print. Pp. 36. Price, $1.25 per annum.

Semicentennial Anniversary of Prof. J. W. Jackson at Union College. Albany: Munsell print. Pp. 32.

Reply to a Printed Circular. By Dr. J. Marion Sims. New York: Kent & Co. print. Pp. 24.

Influence of Physical Condition on the Genesis of Species. By J. A. Allen. From the Radical Review. Pp. 32.

Twenty-eighth Annual Announcement of the Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania. Pp. 20.

Recent Progress in Sanitary Science. By A. R. Leeds. Salem Press print.

Papers on the Coryphodontidæ, the Odontornithes, and a Gigantic Dinosaur. By O. C. Marsh. From American Journal of Sciences. With Plates. Pp. 8.

Responsibility in Parentage. By Rev. S. H. Plait. New York: S. R. Wells & Co. Price, 10 cents.

Geological History of Cayuga and Seneca Lakes. By C. W. Foote. Ithaca, N. Y.: Norton & Conklin print. Pp. 14.

A Case of Recurring Sarcomatous Tumor. By Thomas Hay, M. D. Philadelphia: Lindsay & Blakiston. Pp. 14. With Lithographic Plates.

Second Stenografik Teecher. Amherst, Mass., U. S. A.: J. B. Smith.

Chemistry of Hydrogen. Also. Reduction of Silver. By A. R. Leeds. New York: Trow & Son print. Pp. 23.

Surgical Anatomy of the Tibio-tarsal Articulation. By Dr. J. A. Wyeth. From American Journal of Medical Sciences. Pp. 12.

Directory of the Spiritualism of the Bible. By Susan A. Vandyke. Pp. 4.

Ornithology of the Red River of Texas. By C. A. H. McCauley. Pp. 40. American Insectiv-