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hours. This "No. 1 Engine" is still preserved at Darlington Station, mounted on a granite pedestal, as shown in the picture (Fig. 32).

62. One of the most important and interesting occasions in the history of the application of the non-condensing steam-engine to railroads, as well as in the life of Stephenson, was the opening of the Liverpool & Manchester Railroad in the year 1829.

PSM V12 D282 Opening of the darlington and stockton railroad 1825.jpg
Fig. 31.—Opening of the Stockton & Darlington Railroad, 1825.

When this road was built, it was determined, after long and earnest discussion, to try whether locomotive-engines might not be used to the exclusion of horses, and a prize of £500 was offered for the best that should be presented at a date which was finally settled at the 6th of October, 1829.