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cation, and ignore the bilious temperament, we have in this class only the nervous, while in the first group we have both the sanguine and lymphatic, with no means of separating them, except that the national characteristic shows an excess of the sanguine over the lymphatic, probably about the ratio of three to one.

TABLE II. Vital Capacity as indicated by Ratio of Chest-Expansion of over Three Inches for all Heights to Complexion. Based upon the examination of 190,621 American-born white men accepted; expressed in ratios of 1,000.

Under 29 inches 3.588 1.141
29 and under 31 inches 37.654 15.285
31""33" 98.387 46.906
33""35" 103.015 56.605
35""37" 46.255 26.793
37 inches and over 12.676 7.151
Total number of men accepted 126,445 64,176

Table II. shows the relation of chest-expansion to complexion. The range of chest-movement, while it cannot be deemed an absolute measure of vitality, which must be regarded rather as the sum of organic and functional action than the degree of perfection in any one set of organs, yet may be fairly assumed to bear a close relation to the general vigor of the system that defines the quality of vital activity. A free chest-expansion implies a large consumption of oxygen, a corresponding degree of force and activity in the. circulation of the blood, and this, in its turn, calls for a large demand for food, with a proportional muscular vigor. In the table, a chest-expansion of over three inches is taken as the basis of comparison, for the reason that, at an expansion less than this, men of impaired strength may be included. It is but necessary to glance at the table in order to understand all that is implied by it—that size and muscular vigor of the sanguine and lymphatic greatly exceed these conditions in the nervous.

TABLE III.—Ratio of Diseases to Complexion.

DISEASES IN GENERAL DIVISIONS. Number examined, Number examined,
117,029. 217,292.
Ratio per 1,000. Ratio per 1,000.
General diseases 26.857 31.552
Diseases of the nervous system 11.322 12.366
Diseases of the circulatory system 30.881 36.614
Diseases of the respiratory system 9.271 10.902
Diseases of the digestive system 87.978 95.894
Diseases of the urinary system 1.871 2.467
Diseases of the generative system 6.392 7.713
Diseases of the organs of locomotion 30.334 37.180
Diseases of the cellular tissues[3] 0.752 1.063
Diseases of the cutaneous system 11.638 11.860

  1. Blue or gray eyes; light hair.
  2. Black or hazel eyes; dark hair.
  3. This division includes abscess and obesity only.