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The wreck was promptly recovered and rebuilt, and in August, 1803, the trial-trip was made in presence of a large party of invited guests.

PSM V12 D468 Watertube boiler of fulton and barlow 1793.jpg
Fig. 50.—Water-tube Boiler of Fulton and Barlow, 1793.

88. The experiment was sufficiently successful to induce Fulton and Livingston to order an engine of Messrs. Boulton and Watt, directing it to be sent to America, where Livingston soon returned. In 1806 Fulton followed, reaching New York in December, and at once going to work on the vessel for which the English firm sent the engine, without being informed of its intended use.

In the spring of 1807 the Clermont (Fig. 51), as the new boat

PSM V12 D468 The clermont 1807.jpg
Fig. 51.—The Clermont, 1807.

was christened, was launched from the ship-yard of Charles Brown, on the East River, New York.

In August, the machinery was on board, and in successful operation. The hull of this boat was one hundred and thirty-three feet long, eighteen feet beam, and seven feet in depth.

The boat soon afterward made a trip to Albany, making the dis-