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thus formed the most complete repository of South American geology in the world. Among the collections of marine zoölogy those of the corals, crustacea, and mollusks, were notably large and complete. But one of the most interesting parts of the museum was its collection of antiquities, which comprised many new and curious forms of pottery and stone implements, and was also rich in human remains.

A start had just been made toward publishing the reports of the commission when the death of Prof. Hartt deprived it of its main support. But, though this will occasion some delay in the publication, it is to be hoped that we shall soon have before us the entire results of one of the grandest series of explorations ever carried on by an American in a foreign country.

Prof. Hartt's published works are not very voluminous. He was so confident of a longer life that he delayed too long, but still he was a constant contributor to American scientific periodicals. In addition to his large volume, "The Geology and Physical Geography of Brazil," he has given us the following, among other very valuable reports:

"Amazonian Drift" (American Journal of Science, vol. i., 1871, pp. 3).

"Brazilian Rock-Inscriptions" (American Naturalist, vol. v., 1871, pp. 9 and figures).

"The Ancient Indian Pottery of Marajó, Brazil" (American Naturalist, vol. v., 1871, pp. 13, many figures).

"On the Tertiary Basin of the Marañon" (American Journal of Science, vol. iv., 1872, pp. 6).

"Recent Explorations on the Valley of the Amazonas" ("American Journal of the Geographical Society of New York," 1872, with map).

"Morgan Expeditions 1870-'71." Contributions to "The Geology and Physical Geography of the Lower Amazonas—The Evevé, Monte Alegre District, and the Table-topped Hills" ("Bulletin of the Buffalo Society of Natural Science," January, 1874, pp. 35).

"Morgan Expeditions 1870-'71. Report of a Reconnaissance of the Lower Tapajos" ("Bulletin of Cornell University (Science)," vol. i., No. 1, 1874, pp. 37).

"Evolution in Ornament" (The Popular Science Monthly, January, 1875).

"Notes on the Manufacture of Pottery among Savage Races" (Rio de Janeiro, 1875, pp. 70).

"Amazonian Tortoise Myths" (Rio, 1875).

"Nota sobre algumas Tangas de Barro cosido dos Antigos Indigenas da Ilha de Marajó" ("Archivos do Museu Nacional de Rio de Janeiro," vol. i., 1876, pp. 5, 3 plates).