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Primitive Property. Translated from the French of Emile de Laveleye. By G. R. L. Marriott, B. A., LL. B. With an Introduction, byT. E. Cliffe Leslie, LL. B. New York: Macmillan & Co. Pp. 356. Price, $4.50.

This is an able work on land-tenure from the point of view of modern investigation into early social conditions. The author holds radical views upon the subject, which differ widely from those that prevail in this country: "He is of opinion that the dangers of democracy lie in the inequality of conditions, and that, unless the catastrophe can be prevented by measures of state on a large scale, the same struggle between rich and poor which destroyed the republics of antiquity will destroy the modern states also. He holds that the economists have made a fatal mistake in pressing the advantages of individual property in land, and that the abstract arguments by which private property is explained and defended as an institution are in favor, not of private and exclusive ownership, but of a form of tenure under which each man, as he comes into the world, shall be a proprietor." M. de Laveleye assumes the law of evolution of property in land, and traces the history of its development in England, China, Italy, Holland, France, Belgium, Russia, India, Switzerland, and Germany. The questions opened by Sir Henry Sumner Maine, in his "Village Communities," are here vigorously pursued, with large accessions of new and interesting matter.

Syllabus of Lectures in Anatomy and Physiology, for Students of the State Normal and Training School at Cortland, N. Y. By T. B. Stowell, A. M. Syracuse, N. Y.: Davis, Bardeen & Co. Pp. 82. Price, 50 cents.

This book is prepared merely as an aid to students in anatomy and physiology. The author does not assume for it that it is in any sense a substitute for a text-book, or other book of reference, but that economy of time and greater thoroughness may be secured by thus directing the attention to matters of chief importance. It is intended to be used in connection with anatomical demonstrations, charts, diagrams, and the microscope. Terms which are merely technical, as the names of the muscles and the bones, have been omitted.




Walks in London. By A. J. C. Hare. New York: Routledge. Two vols, in one, pp. 480 and 511. $3.50.

Arguments before the Committee on Patents of the Senate and House of Representatives. Washington: Government Printing-Office. Pp. 454.

American Journal of Mathematics, Pure and Applied. Vol. I., No. 1. Published under the auspices of the Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore. Pp. 104. $5 per vol., $1.50 per single number.

Dictionary of Music and Musicians. Part II. London and New York: Macmillan. $1.25.

Incrustation on Brick Walls. By W. Trautwine. Philadelphia: W. P. Kildare print. Pp. 8.

Fifty-sixth Annual Commencement of the National Medical College. Washington: Darby & Duvall print. Pp. 30.

Free Ships. By J. Codman. New York: Putnams. Pp. 38. 25 cents.

Carbonic Oxide. By H. Morton, Ph. D. Reprinted from the American Gas-Light Journal. Pp. 12.

Metasomatic Development of the Copper bearing Rocks of Lake Superior. By R. Pumpelly. From "Proceedings of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences." Pp. 57.

Bulletin of Hayden's Survey of the Territories. Vol. IV., No. 1. Washington: Government Printing-Office. Pp. 311.

Instruction in Physiology for School-Teachers. Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore. Pp. 74.

The Chinese Question. By J. H. Boalt. Pp. 16.

Report of the Citizens' Committee on the Nuisances of New York City. New York: S. Hamilton's Son print. Pp. 17.

The American Mountain Sanitarium for Consumption. By Dr. S. E. Chaille. From New Orleans Medical and Surgical Journal. Pp. 16.

Principles of Breeding. By W. H. Brewer. From "Report of New Hampshire Board of Agriculture." Pp. 20.

Micrometrical Measurements of Double Stars. (Cincinnati Observatory.) Pp. 83.

House Air the Cause and Promoter of Disease. By Dr. F. Donaldson. From "Maryland Board of Health Reports." Pp. 23.

Water-Supply of New Jersey. By A. R. Leeds. From Journal of the Franklin Institute. Pp. 17.

Contributions to North American Ethnology. Vol. III. (Powell's Survey of the Rocky Mountain Region), "Tribes of California." By Stephen Powers. Washington: Government Printing-Office. Pp. 635, with Plates and Map.

Hayden's Survey of the Territories. Vol. VII. Contributions to the Fossil Flora of the Western Territories. By L. Lesquereux. Washington: Government Printing-Office Pp. 366, with 65 Plates.

Proceedings of the American Chemical Society. Vol. II. . No. 1. New York: Baker & Godwin. Pp. 50.

Nursing of the Insane. By A. E. Macdonald, M. D. New York: Bellevue press. Pp. 24.

Geological Investigations along the Line of the Cleveland, Canton, Coshocton & Straitsville R. E. By E. B. Andrews. Cleveland, O.: Robison, Savage & Co.'s print. Pp. 29.