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The author wrote "The Sons of Godwin," which was published a fortnight before Tennyson's "Harold," and the Louisville Courier-Journal said: "It appears at the same time with Tennyson's poem, upon the same theme, and does not suffer by comparison with it; it has more dramatic fire, and moves with brisker step, and has as sweet songs in it, and as much poetry." If all this be true, then there must undoubtedly be excellence in Mr. Leighton's present work.

A New and Important Cook-Book.—D. Appleton & Co. will shortly publish the "Hand-Book of the National Training-School of Cookery" at South Kensington, London. These practical "lessons in cookery" are the result of years of careful experience in training pupils of all grades and capacities in the art of preparing food in the best manner. The English press are unanimous in declaring that, in point of simplicity, clearness, and fullness of directions, in presupposing complete ignorance on the part of the learner, and adopting a method that is easy to follow, this book is greatly superior to any work upon the subject hitherto produced.


Manual of the Vertebrates of the Northern United States. By D. S. Jordan, Ph.D., M.D. Second edition, revised and enlarged. Chicago: Janson, McClurg & Co. Pp. 406. $2.50.

Machine Construction. By E. Tomkins. Vol. I., Text, pp. 368, $1.50; Vol. II., Plates (XLVIIL), $4.50. New York: Putnams.

Report of the United States Fish Commissioner (1875, 1876). Washington: Government Printing-Office. Pp. 1024.

Science Lectures at South Kensington. Vol. I. London and New York: Macmillan. Pp. 290. $1.75.

Current Discussion. Vol. II., Questions of Belief. New York: Putnams. Pp. 370.

Art Hand-books—Sketching from Nature. Pp. 74.—Landscape Painting. Pp. 74. New York: Putnams. 50 cents each.

Encyclopædia of Chemistry. (Parts 26 to 30 inclusive.) Philadelphia: Lippincott.

Iron-Works of the United States. Pp. 136. Report of the Iron and Steel Association. Pp. 89. Philadelphia: The Association.

Flowering Plants and Higher Cryptogams growing without Cultivation near Yale College. New Haven: The Berzelius Society. Pp. 71.

Pacific Coast Minerals, Ores, etc., in the Paris Exposition. San Francisco: E. Borqui & Co. print. Pp. 99.

Abstract of Statement of the Board appointed to test Iron, Steel, and other Metals. Salem: Printed at the Salem Press. Pp. 20.

Metric System of Weights and Measures. Philadelphia: The Engineers' Club Pp. 5.

Mental and Moral Science. By H. Howard, M.D. From Canada Medical Journal. Pp. 15.

The Kirografer and Stenografer. Quarterly. Amherst, Mass.: J. B. & E. G. Smith. Pp. 32. $1 per annum.

Report on the State Asylum for Insane Criminals. Auburn, N.Y.: Moses print. Pp. 23.

Remarkable Case of Morphine Tolerance. By J. L. Little, M.D. From American Journal of Obstetrics. Pp. 6.

Vital Magnetism in the Treatment of Disease. By F. T. Parson. Brooklyn: The Author. Pp. 32.

Report of the Commissioner of Agriculture. Raleigh, N. C.: Farmer and Mechanic print. Pp. 18.

Perception of Color. By G. S. Hall. From "Proceedings of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences." Pp. 12.

Color-Blindness in Railroad Employés and Pilots. By B. J. Jeffries, M.D. Boston: Rand, Avery & Co. print. Pp. 40.

Medical Jurisprudence. By S. E. Chaillé, M.D. Philadelphia: Reported for "Transactions of the International Medical Congress." Pp. 40.

Filtration of Potable Water. By W. R. Nichols. From the "Massachusetts Health Report." Pp. 90.

Our Revenue System. By A. L. Earle. Pp. 47: France and the United States. Pp. 44; Suffrage in Cities. By S. Sterne. Pp. 41; Protection and Revenue. By W. G. Sumner. Pp. 38. New York: Free-Trade Club, 25 cts. each.

Report on the Retreat for the Insane. Hartford, Conn.: Case, Lockwood & Brainard Co. print. Pp. 27.

Report of the Zoölogical Society of Philadelphia. Philadelphia: The Society. Pp. 28.

The Medical Expert. By W. J. Conklin. M.D. From the Ohio Medical and Surgical Journal. Pp. 20.

New Method of planning Researches, etc. By R. H. Thurston. Salem: Printed at the Salem Press. Pp. 7.

The Psycho-Physiological Sciences and their Assailants. Boston: Colby & Rich. Pp. 216.

Contributions to Paleontology. By S. A. Miller and C. B. Dyer. With 2 Plates. From the Journal of the Cincinnati Society of Natural History. Pp. 16.

Petrography of Quincy and Rockport. By M. E. Wadsworth. From the Proceedings of the Boston Society of Natural History. Pp. 8.


Fossil mammal from the Jurassic of the Rocky Mountains.—One of the most interesting discoveries made in the Rocky Mountain region is the right lower jaw of a small mammal recently received at the Yale College Museum, and described by Prof. Marsh under the name Dryolestes priscus. The specimen was found in the Atlantosaurus beds of the upper Jurassic, and the associated fossils are mainly Dinosaurs. The specimen is in fair preservation, although most of the teeth have been broken off in removing it from the rock. The penultimate molar, however, remains in place. The