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Reorganization of the Government Surveys.—We have already briefly stated the conclusions reached by the Committee of the National Academy of Sciences, appointed to consider what changes might be desired in the method of conducting the surveys of the Territories. We have since received an official copy of the Committee's report, and consider its subject matter of sufficient importance to justify a fuller abstract. The Committee interpreted the act of Congress directing their inquiry as applying only to surveys of the public domain, and hence did not take into consideration surveys or investigations which have for their objective point engineering works: such surveys, in the judgment of the Committee, should be conducted by the engineer corps of the army. The surveys which, in their opinion, were intended by the act to be inquired into were those popularly known as Wheeler's, Hayden's, Powell's, and the Land Surveys under the supervision of the Land-Office. Besides these, though not enumerated in the law, there is the Coast and Geodetic Survey. All the work done by these different corps may be classed under two heads: 1. Surveys of mensuration; 2. Surveys of geology and economic resources of the soil. The surveys of mensuration are at present conducted by five independent organizations, already named. There is no coördination between these five surveys, and their results show many contradictions. The geographical work of Wheeler's, or Hayden's, or Powell's survey is of little value for the parceling of land, while the land surveys are of correspondingly slight topographical and geographical value. The opinion of the Committee is, that "the Coast and Geodetic Survey is practically best prepared to execute the entire mensuration system required." But the Committee recommend that this survey be transferred from the Treasury to the Department of the Interior, and that in addition to its original field of work it should also assume the entire mensuration of the public domain.

The Geological Survey should have a separate organization. "To meet the requirements of existing laws in the disposition of the agricultural, mineral, pastoral, timber,