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I N D E X.

Abstraction in Science, The Results of 825
Aconite, its Physiological Action 281
Adulteration of Food and Drugs 286
Africa, Central, Explorations in 283
Africa, Southern, Pinto's Trip across 286
African Civilization, A Specimen of 863
Age of Cave-Dwellers in America 488
Age of Ice 833
Age of the World 137
Agnosticism as developed in Huxley's "Hume" 478
Allen, G., "Pleased with a Feather" 366
Allen, C, A Problem in Human Evolution 250
Allman, G. J., Protoplasm and Life 721
Alum in Baking-Powders 285
American and European Archeology 712
American Association, its Saratoga Meeting 853
America's Place in History 560
Ant-Intelligence 860
Argan-Tree of Southwestern Marocco 569
Armsby, H. P.; The Source of Muscular Power 812
Arsenic, its Physiological Effects 139
Asphaltum and Amber in New Jersey 719
Atlantis not a Myth 759
Audiometer, The 571

Bachelor, O. E., Observations on the Chameleon 178
Bain, A., Growth of the Will 10
Bain, A., John Stuart Mill 327
Bain, A., John Stuart Mill 750
Bain, A., The Classical Controversy 631
Barker, G. F., Sketch of. (Portrait.) 693
Barnard, W. S., Micro-Organisms 764
Baths, Cold-Water 567
Bathybius, Huxley on 862
Bats, their Geographical Distribution 574
Beard, G. M., A Remarkable Coincidence 628
Bennett's Expedition to the North Pole 557
Bergh, Mr., Letter from 409
Bergh, Mr., and the Sparrows 412
Birth, Life, and Death of a Storm 684
Black, J. E., Removal of Inherited Tendencies to Disease 433