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I N D E X.

About Snakes 571
Africa, Population of 426
Algeria, Cost of the Proposed Lake in 139
Ancient Methods of Filtration 495
Ancient Uses of Cork 429
Animal Mounds in the Pyrenees 135
Animal Transformations, New Views of. (Illustrated.) 625
Anthropometric Observation 431
Anthropology, Recent 145
Antiquity of Man 572
Arago's Statue, The Inauguration of 114
Archæopteryx, Carl Vogt on the 136
Arithmetic, Early Methods in 204
Arsenic in Kindergartens 694
Arsenic in the Household and School 715
Artesian Wells and the Great Sahara 530
Association of Ideas. (Illustrated.) 577
Astronomical Discoveries, Announcement of 715
Athletics in Schools 677
Atlantis, On 266
Authorship, Intellectual Straining in 93

Bain, Alexander, On John Stuart Mill 25
Bain, Alexander, On John Stuart Mill 311
Bain, Alexander, On John Stuart Mill 501
Bain on the "Data of Ethics" 210
Bennett, A. Hughes 519
Billson, William W., on the Origin of Criminal Law 433
Bird-Reasoning 139
Bolton, Professor H. Carrington 495
Books noticed:
"Ethics of Science and Duty" (Bascora) 125
"Freedom in Science and Teaching" (Haeckel) 127
"Geological Survey of Ohio," Vol. III 129
"Distribution of Heat in the Spectra of Various Sources of Radiation" (Jaynes) 130
"A Defense of Philosophic Doubt" (Balfour) 130
"The Science of the Bible" (Woolley) 131
"Nests and Eggs of American Birds" (Ingersoll) 131
"The Evidence of the Senses" (Stevenson) 131
"Haeckel's Genesis of Man" (Ward) 132
"Easy Lessons in Popular Science" (Monteith) 133