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a very simple way many elegant articles. In the chapter on porcelain-painting, the character of the pigments, the mode of drawing on porcelain, and the kinds of glaze produced are briefly touched upon. Simple instructions are given in the chapter on woodcarving, as also in the one on molding in plaster and gelatine. Other chapters treat of designing and transferring patterns, stenciling, mosaic-work, repoussé-work, and silver-chasing, and some minor manufactures not in themselves of sufficient importance to be given a separate place. The volume closes with a collection of useful receipts of cements, etc.

The Textile Record of America. By James W. Nagle & John W. Ryckman. Published monthly at Philadelphia, $3 per year.

This is a handsomely printed thirty-six page monthly journal devoted to the interests of those engaged in producing textile materials and in weaving them into fabrics. The first and second numbers, for September and October of this year, have varied tables of contents, and the journal promises to be very serviceable to the trade of which it is the exponent. It is under the editorial direction of Mr. Lorin Blodget, and is, like everything else published in Pennsylvania, thoroughly protectionist in creed. A department devoted to coloring-improvements, both in dyes and their use, is conducted by Dr. Alfred L. Kennedy.

Diseases of the Throat and Nose. By Morell Mackenzie, M. D. London: Vol. I. Philadelphia: Presley Blakiston. 1880. Pp. 570. Price, $4.

This is an American reprint of the valuable work of Dr. Mackenzie, of London, whose long experience and extensive acquaintance with diseases of this class eminently fit him to treat of them. The work is addressed to the profession, and is, as it professes to be, a systematic treatise upon the subject. The matter of this first volume is arranged under the three headings of "The Pharynx," "The Larynx," and "The Trachea." Under each the anatomy of the organ is first considered, next the instruments used in operating upon it, and the diseases to which it is subject, and the method of treatment. The complete work will be in two volumes, the second treating of the diseases of the œsophagus, nasal cavities, and neck. This volume is now in press, and will shortly appear.

Memoirs of the Science Department, University of Tokio, Japan. Vol. III, Part I. Report on the Meteorology of Tokio for the Year 1879. By T. C. Mendenhall. Published by the University. Government Printing-office. 1880. Pp. 42.

This memoir comprises the meteorological observations made at the observatory of the University of Tokio during the year 1879. The results are tabulated, and numerous charts show graphically the variations in temperature, in barometrical readings, force of wind, etc. Professor Mendenhall does not consider that any general conclusions can be drawn from observations extending over such a brief period of time; but, as they are to be continued, the data will in time be collected from which such conclusions can be safely drawn. The observations of the barometer and thermometer were made three times a day, and those on the direction of the wind at more frequent intervals. They were made by Japanese under the direction of Professor Mendenhall, and every care has been taken to have them accurate. The volume is issued in excellent style, and is entirely of Japanese manufacture.


L'Année Artistique (The Artistic Year). The Fine Arts in France and Abroad. By Victor Champier, Secretary of the Museum of Decorative Arts. Second Year: 1879. Paris: A. Quantin. 1880. Pp. 644.

Répertoire Politique et Historique (Political and Historical Repertory): containing a Political Review of the Year. Fourth Year: 1879. Published under the direction of M. Charles Valframbert. Doctor in Laws, Advocate of the Court of Appeals of Paris, Chevalier of the Legion of Honor. Paris: A. Quantin. 1880. Pp. 592.

L'Année Archéologique (the Archeological Year): Archeological Calendar, Centenaries, Review of the Year in France and Abroad. By Anthyme Saint-Paul. Year 1879. Paris: A. Quantin. 1880. Pp. 340.

Sugar Analysis: a Description of the Methods used in estimating the Constituents. By M. Benjamin, Ph. D. Illustrated. New York. 1880. Pp. 18.

Plan of the Cerebro-Spinal Nervous System. By S. V. Clevenger, M. D. Illustrated. Chicago. 1880. Pp. 39.

The Trenton Gravel and its Relation to the Antiquity of Man. By Henry Carvill Lewis. From the "Proceedings of the Academy of Sciences of Philadelphia." Pp. 16.

Notes on the Management of Orthopedic