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point. The fruits are round, four-valved capsules, about three inches in diameter, and grow in bunches. They inclose a white, solid kernel of irregular shape and firm consistency. To get the oil, the natives boil the kernels in water and let them stand in a heap for a few days. They then peel them, crush them with stones or pound them in wooden

PSM V18 D399 Carapa guianensis fruits and leaves.jpg
Fig. 1.—Carapa Guianensis Fruits and Leaves (reduced).

mortars, and make a paste of them which they spread on a slab of stone hollowed out, and exposed at a slight inclination to the heat of the sun. The oil with which the paste is impregnated runs into a calabash which is placed to receive it. The negroes on some of the plantations put the paste into a bag and press the oil out with weights. The