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Saratoga, Mineral Springs of 24
School-Books, Eyes and 54
School-Room Ventilation 531
Schuster, Dr. Arthur, F. R. S. 468
Science-Teaching, Progress of Higher 676
Self-Government in Colleges 697
Sewage-Farming 285
Skinner, A. N. 790
Skull-Worship 276
Somnambulism 711
Sound, Production of, by Radiant Energy 186
Sound, Production of, by Radiant Energy 324
Sound-Signals 428
Spectroscopy, Modern, The Teachings of 468
Spencer, Herbert 197
Spencer, Herbert 342
Spencer, Herbert 577
Spencer, Herbert 750
Spencer, Thomas D., M. D. 394
Spouting Springs, The Phenomena of 554
State Education: A Necessity 635
Steel, Progress in the Manufacture of 808
Stevens, W. Le Conte 697
Stöckhardt, Sketch of Julius Adolph 261
Stone, W. H. 676
Study of Anthropology, The 862
Sulphur Formation in the Soil of Paris 574
Sunstroke and some of its Sequel 171

Taylor, George H., M. D. 554
Telegraph and Postal Service, Union of the 400
Telescope, The Great Vienna 712
Tin in Australia and other Countries 425
Tissandier, Gaston 238
Touch, Structure of the Organs of 570
Trees and Lightning 277
Tylor, E. B., F. R. S. 289
Tyndall, Professor John, F. R. S. 33
Tyndall Trust Fund, The 116

Vénukoff, M. 684
Vessels, Some Prehistoric 80
Vibrations, Mechanical, as a Remedy in Neuralgia 280
Vibrations, Mechanical, Control of Pain by 554
Visions, The, of Sane Persons 519
Vivisection, Darwin's Views on 424
Vogt, Carl 620
Volcanic Cones, Origin and Structure of 49

Walterhöfer, Dr. Otto 743
Watson, James Craig, Sketch of 693
Weather, The, and Summer Diarrœheas 426
Wehle, Theodore 482
Wehle, Theodore 625
Wehle, Theodore 732
Wiley, Professor Harvey W. 251
Williams, W. Mattieu 43