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I N D E X.

"Administration of Justice under Military and Martial Law" (by O. M. Clode), Notice of 754
Agriculture, Ancient, in Bavaria 759
Aims and Instruments of Scientific Thought 93
Aims and Instruments of Scientific Thought 174
Ammonia in Snow-water 506
"Ancient Stone Implements, Weapons, and Ornaments of Great Britain" (by John Evans), Notice of 247
"Annals of Bee-Culture" 755
Antipodes and Perioeci 489
Applied Sanitary Science 665
Art in the Stone Age. (Illustrated.) 343
Atmospheric Pressure, Effect of 382
Atmospheric Pressure and Vegetable Growth 760
Asbestos, Uses of 509
Asphalt Pavements 609
Astronomical and Physical Observatories 365

Barbarism in English Education 671
Barnard, F. A. P., Poetical Address to 622
Barnard, President, Communication from 243
"Bee-keepers' Magazine" 249
Bias, Educational 564
Biela's Comet 762
Bird, A Poison-proof 766
Birds, Our Native, acquiring New Habits 633
Birds, Young, Instinct in 561
Birds Improving in Nest-Building 485
Blood, Transfusion of 124
Blood, Transfusion of 679
Boiler Explosions, Probable Cause of 757
Borax, Antiseptic Properties of 381
Bowlder-like Masses of Clay in the Long-Island Drift 634
Brain, Functions of the 64
Brain-Work and the Emotions 420
Building-Stone and Fire 639
Bulb-Culture in Holland 381
Butter, Artificial 126

Car-wheels, Paper 762
Carp, An Aged 250
Carpenter, Dr., against Materialism 124
Caterpillars, An Army of 255
Cave-Dwellers, or Troglodytes, in France. (Illustrated.) 699
Cinchona in Bengal 381
City of the Future 250
Civilization, Antiquity of 631