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I N D E X.

Abbott, Benjamin Vaughan 340
Abbott, Benjamin Vaughan 794
Academy, The Philadelphia 531
Alcohol, Disinfection of 428
Allen, Professor Grant 591
Allen, Professor Grant 817
American Climate and Character 109
American Scientific Association 267
Ancient Masons' Marks, Significance of 426
Anecdote, The Anatomy of an Old 369
Animal Retribution 861
Animals and the Telegraph 574
Animals, How they Breathe. (Illustrated.) 448
Animals, How they Breathe. (Illustrated.) 742
Animals, The Reversion of Domesticated, to the Wild State 716
Animals, Wild, as Man's Associates 528
Anthrax, Vaccination for 142
Anti-Resonators, Metallic 140
Archæologists, German and Austrian, Congress of 571
Architecture, Acoustics in 572
Armsby, H. P 378
Astronomy in High-Schools 300

Bacheler, A. W., Letter from 843
Ball, Professor Robert S 479
Beebe, William S., Letter from 403
Bellows, Henry W. 700
Bigelow, Albert, Letter from 843
Billson, William W. 369
Biology in Public Schools 713
Birds, Jurassic, and their Allies 312
Birgham, Francis 83
Blood, Circulation of, in the Brain 718
Books noticed:
"Ancient Bronze Implements of Great Britain and Ireland" (Evans) 127
"The Journal of Physiology 128
"Volcanoes" (Judd.) ("International Scientific Series.") 129
"The Bible and Science" (Brunton) 129
"Sorghum and Corn-stalks" (Collier) 131
"Naso-Pharyngeal Catarrh" (Coomes) 131
"The Hysterical Element in Orthopedic Surgery" (Shaffer) 132
"Industrial Applications of Chemistry" (Mallet) 132
"Educational Journalism" (Bardeen) 132
"Septicæmia in the Rabbit produced by Human Saliva" (Sternberg) 132